Welcome to Dey’s Equipment Service Department

So, now our Sales Department has had the opportunity to help find your equipment solutions to meet your operational needs.

As we all know, all machinery is man made and will require service either scheduled maintenance or an unexpected dilemma that may leave your equipment needing attention prior to being able to use again… This is where our trained service commanders and division of infantry storm troops comes into action!

Our service department is not just a result of; Our very roots in business stem from initially being just a Farm Equipment service centre and growing into a full-fledged dealership with our service department remaining a cornerstone in our business.

Our service department is not just the 911 ICU for equipment repairs, we have the capabilities to pick up (literally) and float or send our mobile Navy Seal squad out at a moments notice.

We have many technicians and managers that have been with us from the very meager beginnings of Dey’s Equipment, their wealth of knowledge and expertise is truly unrivaled, this coupled with many young ambitious technicians makes and gives you/us a service department that is able to help you through the toughest dilemmas placed on our path and best of all gives us all a pleasant family experience of accomplishment.


Please feel free to call us and see what we can do to help you keep going…

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