Ever have that feeling that you are just going around in circles?

Do you feel the pressure to be as perfect as your neighbors?

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Precision Farming Solutions

No matter how hard you focus, the perfectly straight line never comes.

Well, it’s your lucky day!

Dey’s Equipment is here to straighten you out!

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Precision Farming Solutions

After Stopping in at Dey’s and getting assistance from our Precision Farming System’s team. You will have the ability to be perfect in your field work.

Gone are the days when our fathers would pick a tree at the other end of the field and make a straight line to open a field.

Now you can be as good as him, or maybe even slightly better…

Just pick a spot at one end of the field, hit a button and drive to the other end… when you get to the other end, hit that button again. The Precision System will make that perfect line for you.

While this is convenient and exciting. Some systems can even do all the work for you. Anything from turning around at the headland, lowering & lifting implements, starting & stopping implements, to collecting information to help with future crop application.

rom that point on all you need to do is just sit back and relax, and watch the neighbors be blown away by your perfection.

Precision Farming Systems are here to stay. With the constantly evolving information that is being gathered from farms. It is becoming an exact science to growing the most Bountiful and Profitable crops. Growing has becoming a game of accuracy and efficiency. From Meters, to Decimeters, to Centimeters, to Millimeter accuracy.

When you combine the information saved with other precision systems. You give yourself the ability to multiply the usefulness of a GPS system.

You can collect the yield information data from your previous harvest and apply it to one of the many precision technologies available. You can begin to maximize the Yield and Profitability of your land.

There are so many ways that these systems can assist you:

  • Variable Rate Application for Seed

  • Variable Rate Application for Fertilizer

  • Measure soil moisture

  • Adjust planting depth to maximize moisture levels

  • Hydraulic Up/Down Pressure to provide uniform depth in all conditions

  • Mapping Yields

  • Collecting information

  • Plus, many, many more

All this information can be analyzed and give you the information needed to be successful with your crops.

The information can be collected and provided to you. What you do with the information is up to you!

Please call in and talk to one of our Precision Farming Specialists and lets see what we can do for you…

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